Saturday, June 16, 2012

Party Invitations: Cute & Budget Friendly!

I'm always having to buy party invitations; from birthdays to graduations to retirements to birth announcements.  It seems like it is never ending and very expensive.  I'm not a huge fan of for nice occasions (works great for a Super Bowl Party or BBQ), and I should also admit that my mother has worked for the U.S. Postal Service for years and I like keeping her and her friends employed.  But those really nice fancy schmancy invitation stores in Newport Beach are out of my budget!

So my favorite "go to" website for invitations/announcements is  There are so many wonderful crafty people on that website that are willing to do all of the work for you and not charge you a ton of money.  You can buy ones that they print on really nice card stock and mail to you or you can purchase a digital file and have them email it to you which then you can print at home or at any store with a photo lab.

Depending on the event, I usually buy the digital file.  They can range in price from $5-25.  I always request that they size it 7x6.5 (will let you know why in a minute) and I typically receive an emailed proof within 24-48 hours.  The only thing that is hard is picking out which card because there are so many great ones.

My Thing #3 is turning one on the 4th of July (he's my lil' Firecracker), so this was the style I picked for him:
The seller is "Poofyprints"and I would HIGHLY recommend
It was on the more expensive side ($21), but I fell in love.  The seller was great, I ordered it at 11pm and when I woke up at 8am it was already completed and in my inbox.  I then sent the digital photo off to Costco (on their website you can upload your photos) and picked the "photo greetings" which are $14.99 for 50 and $5.49 for an additional 25.  The reason why I love printing them at Costco is because they include the envelopes.  This is a true savings.  It was always expensive to find 5x7 envelopes (I would end up buying some ugly invitations on Target clearance just to use their nice envelopes), so this cuts down my expensive and the time it would have taken me to stop at another store.

Now I just need to pick up some stamps at the grocery store (forgot to grab them at Costco) and mail them out. One less thing to stress over.  THANK YOU ETSY!

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