Monday, August 6, 2012

The Mars Rover LANDED!

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Did you watch Mars Rover Curiosity land on Mars last night?  My husband was holding his breath as we watched the live footage of Mission Control at JPL in Pasadena (we recently visited their open house, check out information here: JPL's free open house ), once they stood up screaming so did my husband.  His passion was not just because of his love for science; I married a very smart nerd. 
My nerd is an Engineer who makes custom sensors, and he has two of them on Curiosity.  His contribution to the Mars Rover will be used once they start taking samples of Mars (of the rock, etc) in about a month.  But needless to say, my kids (and I) are so proud today of my husband and his very large brain.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the footage of JPL’s Mission Control from last night, then check it out here:

This was one of the very first pictures taken (found on

And if you want to geek out your kids today and do a Science lesson, then maybe consider making a few Mars Rovers crafts like these:
This was a great craft made out of an orange juice container and items found around your house.  Here is the link to directions:

Another great craft made out of household items.  Here is the link to directions:

There are also a few cool websites with games and coloring pages for the kids:

Education during summer is the best because you can make it fun and tailor it to what your kids will like as individuals and not as an oversized class.  And it’s all- FREE!

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