Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lorax Truffula Tree Craft

Lorax truffula tree craft

Have you and your kids survived the heat?  I’m going to admit that I’ve locked mine inside the house and turned on movies.  Yes, I have been letting my kids watch television.  I know that doctors warn you about that sort of thing, that eventually antennas will start growing out of their ears and they won’t be able to sit still in school.  But, if I let them go outside in this heat they won’t be able to sit still due to their heat rash and severe burns.  So the movie wins over the blazing heat!

After going through our Disney collection my kids were starting to get extremely bored so I decided to go out and splurge on the new “Lorax” movie; by splurge I mean that I bought it on sale, of course.  My kids loved the movie, especially Thing 2 who has now told me he would like to get rid of our Plastic Ikea kid’s plates.  So it has now been added to our favorite’s rotation. 

While talking to my girlfriend, Karrie, about the movie she told me that at her local mall were doing free Lorax truffula tree crafts over the weekend.  She graciously emailed me a few pictures and now I have turned off the kid’s television and put them in front of the craft table.  Care to join us?  Here is how to do it:

Lorax Truffula Tree Craft
Small Playdough containers (any size would probably do just fine)
Some pipe cleaners (Dollar Tree sells them)
Tissue paper (Dollar Tree also sells)
Craft Pom-Pom balls (you can check Dollar Tree or Michaels- make sure you use a 40% off coupon)


Twist two pipe cleaners together, glue the tissue and pom-pom’s to the top, stick in the playdough. 

You can add your own flair to this project, but either way this will be a fun activity for your kids during the heat without rotting their brain- like my kids!

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